A Bikepaths Forum?

The "find a buddy" feature of the old bikepaths site has been deemed to be a little long in the tooth for today's internet user(well it was invented in 1995…) So the decision was made to not cut it over to the new site. Now. If there is enough interest from the people out there a new bikepaths forum could be conjured up to continue in this tradition, but use the new ways to provide a richer, better experience for all. This would allow you all to collaborate online, share and exchange ideas, events and other cycling aspects between users. A number of forum areas e.g. , Road Cycling, Bicycle Mechanics, Urban Cycling & Commuting, Mountain Biking, Touring etc would be setup to enable discussion and sharing of views and information. Let us know your comments and thoughts and we will put this into the cooking pot. The bikepaths team.


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I thought the "find a buddy" feature from the previous site was a great feature. While the new-look site is easy to navigate & is very informative, I think that it would be complete with the inclusion of an online forum.



Sunday, 17/08/08, at 15:14 PM    


"find a buddy" feature from the previous site was a great feature..

Yeh! great whats the website...mmm???


Sunday, 17/08/08, at 20:52 PM    


The find a buddy link was great I found a few cycling partners on the site and I still see one of them, you should reconsider this and if you do bring it back somehow you can expand on the format.

Tuesday, 14/10/08, at 15:09 PM    


I think the bikepaths forum is a great idea! I've only just got back into riding a bicycle after atleast 10years and everything is hugely different to what it was like back in the mid 90's!

Sunday, 26/10/08, at 15:24 PM    

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