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20% Discount: Scenic, Safe Escapes: LATEST Edition Bike Paths & Rail Trails Guide

YOUR CYCLING FUN STARTS HERE AND ITS 20% CHEAPER - DISCOVER MELBOURNE'S TOP SCENIC BIKE PATHS AND FABULOUS BIKEWAYS AND VICTORIA'S "EPIC" RAIL TRAILS  By Mike Sabey - Editing Publisher (Sabey & Associates) Continuing to be Australia's best ever selling, continuously available bike trails hard copy map book! * 100's of Scenic Safe off road Escapes along Melbourne's fabulous bike trails* European style bicycle touring along Victoria's renowned rail trails * Discover...

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Tip: Where to Ride for a great escape: Try a cruise down the Bay’s famous piers and beaches?

By Mike Sabey Melbourne's Bayside ride is famous for its hoards of Saturday and Sunday morning cyclists sweeping along Beach Road with their heads down and speedos ticking over 35 km/hour! But next to the road is a safe and scenic bike path where at a sedate 15 km/hour you can cruise past some of Melbourne’s most iconic beaches and take in Port Phillip Bay's sweeping blue waters. If you have plenty of...

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How to save 50%: Ride from HOME HALF PRICE VIRUS OFFER

CORONA VIRUS Ride from Home - half price offer all up $12.45 Why not grab this one off opportunity to discover where the best bike paths are around where you are LOCKED DOWN?  Go to our eStore on this site and place your order before this once in a lifetime offer ends!!!

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Odd sort of a ride

Recently a keen US cyclist took his girlfriend for a 90 minute bike ride through a park near Houston.         Over the curvy path route he took her on, he carefully spelt out the words, "Marry Me" At the conclusion of the 24 km trip he dropped to one knee to explain the message, then he gallantly popped the question. His girlfriend admitted she went from being...

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New Central Victorian Guide stockist

The 130-year-old former Salvation Army Barracks in Castlemaine is now home to the Bike Vault.   Having previously traded across Templeton St in an old bank, hence the name, The Bike Vault today operates in an old place of worship a beneath a superbly lined cathedral ceiling on an amazing sloping floor that a century ago ensured seated soldiers (parishioners) could see the Salvationist out in front on a raised...

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Darebin Trail Link FINALLY OPENS !

  The opening of the trail marked the end of an almost 25-year journey, dating back to 1993 when the first concept plans were developed. The Community Coalition for the Darebin-Yarra Trail and Bicycle Network Victoria were at the forefront of this long campaign and the opening was a great victory for both groups. The trail features: a three-metre-wide concrete trail three bridges over the Darebin Creek (notes 1, 2...

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NO FURTHER STOCK: Where 2 Ride Melbourne

END OF EDITION - NO FURTHER STOCKS AVAILABLE Fully revised and Updated 2nd Edition of Where to Ride Melbourne was an essential resource for anyone who wants to enjoy riding in Melbourne! This Guide introduced some of the many trails and on road rides within a 30 to 40km radius of Melbourne. The rides range from short rides, suitable for beginners or younger riders, to mountain bikes rides and longer...

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Searching for the perfect Birthday GIFT for less $25 ?

 Our bookstores and bike shops tabs (above) have current listing of hundreds of our active stockists. A special Birthday GIFT of a Bike Paths & Rail Trails guide has delighted tens of thousands of bike riders for over 20 years! Its because this one pocket sized prezzie fits all, regardless of skill level, age, gender, bike type or wealth. In a word it ‘inspires' its readers to grow their riding...

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