Cadel Evans slams Aussie drivers

Australians are among the worst drivers in the world when it comes to cyclists, says Tour de France star Cadel Evans.


Evans who spends half his year in Europe and half training in Barwon Heads, has been the victim of several near misses on our roads.

"I drive on the road and I don't like people just not having respect for other road users," he said. "I spend half my year in Europe so I know what the traffic is like there.

"It is really strange, to be honest, the way Australian drivers are.

"Our roads have much less traffic, are far larger, and the drivers have much more space, but they are much more aggressive and negative to other road users.

"When you ride a race in Italy or Switzerland or France, the roads are much narrower and there is much more traffic, but the drivers are much more tolerant and easier to deal with. It is a bit of a shame."

While Europe has a much stronger cycling culture, Evans blamed Australian driver selfishness.

"They feel like because they are in their car they have the right to use all the road, and everyone else on the road should be off it," he said.

(Editors note: The safest option is to use the Bike Paths then there are no arguments or safety issues with selfish, hoon drivers.)


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All that said, I am sure that some of the Aussie cyclists are just as bad.  It's unfortunate to see so many ignore traffic lights, and act irresponsably.  Comments from both sides of the fence coming from Swanston street are clear that the image of cyclists is tarnished by these reckless riders, which goes on to impact the whole comnunity.



Monday, 15/12/08, at 10:04 AM    


Regarding editors note: you are assuming that there are bike paths everywhere you want to ride, and of course there are not. The safest option is to use the Bike Paths, where available, then there are no arguments or safety issues with selfish, hoon drivers.

Thursday, 09/04/09, at 12:45 PM    


Let's us all have a bit more respect for one another on paths and roads.

I suppose Cadel's point is we (as Australians) are behind in the etiquette of sharing our spaces be it on a bike, in a car, pushing a pram or plainly on foot.
We all share a responsibility to set the expectation of how we behave out on the street.

How about if you see someone on a bike run a red - do something Australian, call them a GOOSE! Likewise show hoons your pinkie finger. Let's learn to share the space a bit better.

Let's avoid any arguments, learn to be curteous on the road or a path - it's more fun. 

Friday, 07/05/10, at 15:52 PM    


When I see a cyclist ride through red lights, I usually catch them at the next red light if it's a busy road (strange how they don't cross into oncoming traffic...)

I ask them if they drive a car, the answer is mostly yes.  I then ask if they drive through red lights in their car, the answer is usually no.  After that I ask them what they think the other car drivers about would think about them riding their bike through a red lights, and what that does for cyclist respect.

That normally gets the point across.



Tuesday, 01/06/10, at 16:17 PM    

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