Six Reasons to buy from an Expert

1. Customer Protection

Just after Christmas each year, tens of thousands of distraught parents of young children and new bike owners who have purchased a new bike from a discount store, discover to their horror, that their present is either the wrong size, has mechanical problems or isn’t right for their needs.

These problems could have all been prevented, in the first place the bike had been matched to suit the user’s needs , correctly fitted and was properly pre delivered.

2. It must fit right

People don’t buy shoes by mail order because they know how uncomfortable badly fitting shoes can be. For safety, control and comfort, a bike must be carefully chosen to suit what the rider intends to use it for. It must suit the rider’s present not future age, their overall height, leg length, arm reach and strength. Only a trained expert can correctly advise, fit and adjust a new bike.

3. Safety is a must

For safety reasons, bikes need to be correctly assembled and tested prior to delivery. The brakes, lights, bell and gears need to tested to ensure they are ‘fully operational’.

4. Will a surprise gift turn sour?

If you want to give a bike as a surprise gift, your local bike store can expertly advise you on what style of bike you should choose. If you bring in a pair of the new owner’s jeans and a long sleeve shirt with you, they can be used to select the right size, adjust the seat and handlebars. If after all this its not the right size, brand, colour or style, your bike shop will exchange it.
Bike stores also do lay-buys and can deliver it to your home.

5. Your questions answered

After taking delivery of your new bike and enjoying a few solid rides there will be lots of questions you will want answered. You will need someone like you local bike store in whom you can trust, who over time has built a solid reputation as an expert in your local cycling community. He will know what you bought and be able to help you and take a real interest in your needs.

6. Need for its first service

Three months after you take delivery of your new bike it should be returned to the store for adjustment and service (often there is no charge for this). There will be other times when you may need a puncture repaired, riding technique advice, a bearing cleaned and greased, the seat reset, a new tyre or new accessories fitted. During these visits, you can get those nagging problem looked at, to so your bike always ‘sings’ when you swing into the saddle!

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