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This thread has been created for people to post their ideas and suggestions for the Bikepaths site. So post away and let us know your views!

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Graham Pettit

Dear Sir/madarm

                         If it can be done. What about a bike track from the Dandenong Creak Trail Down to Cranbourne. And a rail trail from Mooroolbark to Lilydale. Thay are a good idea Exspecely ones like the dandenong trail   

Monday, 16/03/09, at 20:47 PM     Report this comment

Bruce Shelley

Can we please have a scale indication on the individual metro maps in next edition of Bike Paths Vic book.

Editors comment: Most maps in our Guide have a scale and pairs of map willl have a scale on one of the twin facing pages.

Tuesday, 24/03/09, at 12:08 PM     Report this comment

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