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Be heard on your daily commute.

UPDATE! I got to use my horn for the first time in anger last night on Chapel Street.#1  Was a car that turned into a car spot at the last minute.  The driver immediately stopped, and was apologetic.  Thank you driver.#2  Pedestrian crossing the road without looking, she was infuriated that I disturb her from getting cleaned up.  With eyes open, life could be much better.It sure bloody well works.Lately...

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Ride to work tips (2) - time and gear

How long will it take?You may be surprised... these days a cyclists average speed is generally greater than the current average speed of cars and other normal transportation. This means that cycling represents a very fast and efficient means of getting from point A to B. Use the Bike Paths guide to select the best bike trail maps to get you there the easiest, safest and fastest.You will also "recover...

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Ride to work tips - Part 1

Riding 2 Work: Will it make a difference?Yes!  Exercise is the key to well being, and arriving at work in the morning with your daily dose done will make you feel like a million dollars.  Exercise gets the endorphins flowing and cycling is a great form providing stress release. No longer will you be stuck in traffic, jammed into a train, waiting for the tram.  There is something great about...

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