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New Laws: Rogue cyclists face harshest ever fines and even jail

    New Victorian cycling laws that came into effect on June 18th sets jail terms for rogue cyclists and fines of more than $68,000! With the huge surge in people taking up cycling in the last five years, rogue bike riders who believe they don’t have to obey the road rules have given their fellow cyclists a bad name and made it difficult to earn the respect and courtesy...

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Be heard on your daily commute.

UPDATE! I got to use my horn for the first time in anger last night on Chapel Street.#1  Was a car that turned into a car spot at the last minute.  The driver immediately stopped, and was apologetic.  Thank you driver.#2  Pedestrian crossing the road without looking, she was infuriated that I disturb her from getting cleaned up.  With eyes open, life could be much better.It sure bloody well works.Lately...

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Ride to work tips (2) - time and gear

How long will it take?You may be surprised... these days a cyclists average speed is generally greater than the current average speed of cars and other normal transportation. This means that cycling represents a very fast and efficient means of getting from point A to B. Use the Bike Paths guide to select the best bike trail maps to get you there the easiest, safest and fastest.You will also "recover...

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Ride to work tips - Part 1

Riding 2 Work: Will it make a difference?Yes!  Exercise is the key to well being, and arriving at work in the morning with your daily dose done will make you feel like a million dollars.  Exercise gets the endorphins flowing and cycling is a great form providing stress release. No longer will you be stuck in traffic, jammed into a train, waiting for the tram.  There is something great about...

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