SmartEnergy Groups home system enables cyclists to regain control of soaring power bills

Melbourne designed Smart Energy Groups helps householders conquer power wastage !

As a cyclist you save heaps when cycling to work or touring and are probably very climate conscious, but what about your energy use at home?

Until now, householders have had no way or discovering why their power bills have been forever soaring.

However, dozens of worried Victoria homeowners and a raft of savvy commercial businesses in recent months have installed the amazing SmartEnergy Groups’ SEGmeter system and are now bringing their soaring power bills under control.




In last 15 months, domestic power bills have increased around 45% and are forecast to nearly double again by 2012 according to an Australian Industry Group Study released in February 2011.

Householders in 2011 can expect annual power bills to increase to $1752 – 2448* depending on the size of their home and number of occupants.

SmartEnergy Groups have developed a brilliant simple to use, low cost home energy management tool that is a world first.

The system is driven by a SEGmeter that is installed in the switchbox, which monitors the homeowner’s power use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This information is sent via the internet to website, and the usage data can be viewed by the householder on online any time using a computer, tablet (ie I pad pictured) or smart phone

The data provides users regardless where they are, with real-time information complete with charts, dials and reports of their actual minute by minute use by specific household circuits, appliances and home systems.

The amazing flow of information enables householders to identify which appliances, rooms and other devices using power and when this happened. It also identifies where cost savings can be made which leads to more informed decisions to help reduce unnecessary energy usage.

Ivanhoe social internet bookmarking expert Tim Bull who installed a SEGmeter late last year at home says,

“It’s changed the way my wife and I understand our energy usage, so much so that our bills are at least 25% lower!

“We now can now easily see and measure the impact of items like the clothes dryer and dishwasher that were proving very expensive because we used them too frequently.

“Checking our SEGmeter data has now become part of our daily routine and the frustration of not knowing exactly how and where our power is being used is a thing of the past,” Mr Bull added.

What a SmartEnery SEGmeter system does

* It un ravels the mystery of where, when and how much energy is being consumed in your home
* Shows why householders energy bills are increasing
* By making simple changes, power consumption can be reduced by as much as 20%
* It monitors continuously and automatically, all day 24/7
* Provides real time energy information that can be read on a computer, tablet (ie I pad) or smart phone
* Identifies wasted and expensive “stand by” usage
* Pin points when, where and by how much energy is used
* Identifies appliances power usage increases and decreases
* Enables users to develop an energy plan to budget their energy usage
* Helps householder make the best choices for purchasing lower energy equipment and appliances
* Helps users choose between solar, insulation, double glazing and other energy efficiency improvements
* Puts householders back in control of their energy use
* Enables people to blog and share their energy awareness journeys

Cost of a Home SmartEnery Groups SEGmeter system

* A basic DIY starter kit with one channel costs from as little as $200 including GST plus postage and it can be purchased on line at
* SmartEnergy Groups can supply and install a complete six channel SEGmeter home system in the metro area from around $990 including GST and an electrician fee.




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