Discover Victoria’s fabulous Rail Trails in the BikePaths Guide

You don’t need to pay $35 for a separate rail trails guide, when you get all the rail trail info at no extra cost when you buy the $24.95 Bike Paths & Rail Trails Guide that includes the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail and the Lilydakle-Warburton Rail Trail?

For only $24.95 (Even less if you get the Half Price edition 8 from our E store) you not only get the longest and most popular Victorian Rail Trails to head off to discover and enjoy, plus you also get more than 55 excellent metro and regional off road bike maps too!

Keith Dunstan regarded as the Voice of Cycling says, "Rail trails are the best thing that has happened to bikes – they are pure luxury!”

So why don't you head out and pick up a copy of the current best ever selling new ninth edition of the Victorian Bike Paths & Rail Trails Guide and decide which of  the amazing rail trails you will tackle first?

Remember: Don’t pay $35 for a separate rail trails guide, when you get all the maps and all the rail trails info for no extra cost in the $24.95 BikePaths Guide?

Bike Paths & Rail Trails Guide RRP still only $24.95 offering three guides in one.

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We've successfully used the BikePaths Guide rail trail sections to ride several trails including Warburton, Lake Hume and Beechworth. We enjoyed great trips and had wonderful experiences and recommend the Guide for planning these escapes.

It would help if there was some more info in the BikepthsGuide about where to park your car safely over night, a few accommodation ideas and best gourmet meal stops.

Tuesday, 12/05/09, at 16:48 PM    

Tina Minty


  Are there any plans for a bike path on the disused Cranbourne Leongatha rail line . Thank you Tina .

Tina, the short answer is 'no plans' from our most recent discussion with Parks Vic. As we are expanding our Rail Trails coverage in the new edition can you send us more details and a firm suggestion - Editor

Sunday, 25/10/09, at 10:36 AM    

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