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Pedal Power

Leg speed translates into pedal power and it’s known as the ‘cadence’ or rate at which a cyclist turns the pedals per minute. If your leg speed is not tuned to the road ahead then neither are you. Over a distance if you pedal lower than the 60 to 80 revolutions per minute (rpm or cadence) you will quickly tire out. Climbing steep hills or cycling into a head wind...

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Choosing the right bike

Before buying a bike check with your friends or colleagues who ride regularly to get their opinion on what type of bike you should choose then visit your local bike shop to get their advice. Today you have more choices than ever before: Hybrid bike - great for rail trails, roads and tracks and everyday riding around town Flat bar road bike - an excellent choice for fast and efficient...

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Ideas and Suggestions

This thread has been created for people to post their ideas and suggestions for the Bikepaths site. So post away and let us know your views! The bikepaths team

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