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Ride to work tips (2) - time and gear

How long will it take?You may be surprised... these days a cyclists average speed is generally greater than the current average speed of cars and other normal transportation. This means that cycling represents a very fast and efficient means of getting from point A to B. Use the Bike Paths guide to select the best bike trail maps to get you there the easiest, safest and fastest.You will also "recover...

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Ride to work tips - Part 1

Riding 2 Work: Will it make a difference?Yes!  Exercise is the key to well being, and arriving at work in the morning with your daily dose done will make you feel like a million dollars.  Exercise gets the endorphins flowing and cycling is a great form providing stress release. No longer will you be stuck in traffic, jammed into a train, waiting for the tram.  There is something great about...

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Radical plan to turn Sydney Rd into a bike way

Radical council plan to turn Sydney Road into a bike way By Kate Lahey The Age August 22, 2008 Melbourne’s traffic-clogged Sydney Road would have segregated bike lanes to give cyclists a five kilometre path each way under a transport plan commissioned by Moreland Council. Their draft Integrated Transport Strategy for 2009-18 calls for an investigation into Copenhagen-style bike lanes between Gaffney Street in North Coburg and Park Street at...

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New Bikepaths Site

A new look and feel For some time the bikepaths team has been working on a complete site upgrade and makover, and we are excited to finally bring this to you! Progressively we will be adding more and more functionality to the site, to improve your experience and enhance your bikepaths discovery! The bikepaths team

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A Bikepaths Forum?

The "find a buddy" feature of the old bikepaths site has been deemed to be a little long in the tooth for today's internet user(well it was invented in 1995...) So the decision was made to not cut it over to the new site. Now. If there is enough interest from the people out there a new bikepaths forum could be conjured up to continue in this tradition, but use...

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Copenhagen style bikelanes for Melbourne

BIKE lanes of the "Copenhagen style" will be introduced in East Melbourne's busy Albert Street. The Melbourne City Council has issued a planning permit for the lanes, which will be similar to those already in Swanston Street, Carlton, and will separate cyclists and other traffic with a 30-centimetre rumble strip and parking lane. Lord Mayor John So said lanes would improve access to the city's cycling network. "These new dedicated...

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Victorian Bike Paths Guide (7th Edition)

The Perfect gift for the cyclist that knows everything This is Australia's best ever selling bike trails map book! Victoria's Bike Paths Guide (sponsored by Waterfront City) features 68 bike maps and reveals more than 2,800 km of safe off road paths and hidden secrets for the cyclist to discover and enjoy. This is the cyclists map bible to find Melbourne's bike paths and country rail trails. Its ideal for...

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