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New Laws: Rogue cyclists face harshest ever fines and even jail

    New Victorian cycling laws that came into effect on June 18th sets jail terms for rogue cyclists and fines of more than $68,000! With the huge surge in people taking up cycling in the last five years, rogue bike riders who believe they don’t have to obey the road rules have given their fellow cyclists a bad name and made it difficult to earn the respect and courtesy...

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A Bikepaths Forum?

The "find a buddy" feature of the old bikepaths site has been deemed to be a little long in the tooth for today's internet user(well it was invented in 1995...) So the decision was made to not cut it over to the new site. Now. If there is enough interest from the people out there a new bikepaths forum could be conjured up to continue in this tradition, but use...

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Ideas and Suggestions

This thread has been created for people to post their ideas and suggestions for the Bikepaths site. So post away and let us know your views! The bikepaths team

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