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Discover Victoria’s fabulous Rail Trails in the BikePaths Guide

You don’t need to pay $35 for a separate rail trails guide, when you get all the rail trail info at no extra cost when you buy the $24.95 Bike Paths & Rail Trails Guide that includes the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail and the Lilydakle-Warburton Rail Trail? For only $24.95 (Even less if you get the Half Price edition 8 from our E store) you not only get the...

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Goulburn Rail Trail has got a new name

Great Victorian Rail Trail now open for business! Previously called the Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail, this exciting new 134 km scenic trail runs from Tallarook to Mansfield and is proving  a huge success with two wheeled visitors. The BikePaths & RailTrail Guide has completed mapping this amazing trail that runs though magnificent rich farm lands, along the mighty Goulburn River and across the Bonnie Doon bridge over Lake Eildon. The...

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Voice of cycling - Keith Dunstan remembered

Keith Dunstan, droll master of words and voice of Melbourne cycling, the Don Bradman of Australian newspaper columnists has died, aged 88.     The Age's Lawrence Money reports in The Age:   In the 1960's he was one of this city's pioneering ride to work devotees. In 1967, he started the Anti-Football League, which, although it failed to suppress football, ran for 30 years. In 1972, he was founding president...

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The Saturday Age Gourmet Rail Trails Feature

The Rise of the foodie biker By Richard Cornish - The Saturday Age (5/2/11) - Life & Style  "People want secluded tree lined escapes. And they want decent food and coffee at the end of the ride" - says Mike Sabey.  Extract:Rolling down the hill on my mountain bike on the old railway line , the air is full of scents of the country side.Eucalyptus, fresh rain on stone, sweet waves...

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Ride to work tips (2) - time and gear

How long will it take?You may be surprised... these days a cyclists average speed is generally greater than the current average speed of cars and other normal transportation. This means that cycling represents a very fast and efficient means of getting from point A to B. Use the Bike Paths guide to select the best bike trail maps to get you there the easiest, safest and fastest.You will also "recover...

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