Bike Share arrives in Melb CBD

Melbourne cyclists have welcomed the city's first public bike share scheme being operated by RACV that is now underway.


The first 100 distinctive electric-blue bicycles have been installed at special docking stations across the CBD. (pic above courtsey The Age)
Ten stations commenced operating at the end of May along the Swanston Street/St Kilda Road corridor through to Melb Uni.30 more stations close to public transport will progressively added by the middle of this year, spaced across the city around 500 metres apart.


Weighing a hefty 18 kg, the sturdy blue bikes according to The Age's Clay Lucas are easy to use, pretty comfortable, have good disk brakes and despite only three gears they will handle most of the CBD's relatively flat terrain.

Subscribers need to bring or buy a low cost helmet (from near by shops). They will be able to join the scheme for $50 a year, $8 a week or $2.50 a day. But be aware that a deposit of $300 (re fundable) is charged when a bike is taken out.

The first 30 minute trip is free, thereafter its $2 for the first hour and more if the bike is kept for longer.

Bike share data from other cities around the world that have schemes operating indicate the average time per trip is around 17 minutes.

Tell us what you think of Bike Share? Is it the way to go, will it work or is it a waste of 'governemnt' money?

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