Call to improve bike safety on St Kilda Road

Andrews Govt asked to improve bike safety on St Kilda Road, Melbourne’s boulevard of broken bones ….

An article in the Age (22/08/15) stated that pressure is building on the Andrews government to put separated bike lanes all the way along the leafy St Kilda Rd boulevard, from Linlithgow Street to Glen Huntly Road.

A $12 million proposal to put separated lanes along the road has stalled, creating angst among cycling advocates still waiting for Labor to honour its promise to spend $100 million on bike safety.

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Meanwhile, a groundbreaking study into doorings​ in Melbourne identified St Kilda Road as far and away the city’s worst place for such incidents.

Of 494 doorings​ in which a cyclist was injured between 2006 and 2010, 82 happened on St Kilda Road, an analysis of VicRoads crash statistics shows. Chapel Street, the second-worst road for doorings​, experienced 42 incidents.

Bicycle Network Victoria says female riders are a clear indicator of a bike lane’s relative safety, because women are generally less inclined than men to ride on a risky road.

The group’s chief executive, Craig Richards, said the Andrews government had an opportunity to make St Kilda Road a “showpiece” of its commitment to cyclist safety.

“It’s one of the world’s great boulevards, but people riding bikes there are twice as likely to be doored​ as any other street in Melbourne,” Mr Richards said. “The problem is real and the government should step in.”

The cycling group plans to force the issue at a meeting it has organised next month between influential decision makers. The meeting will include VicRoads, the TAC, the RACV and local councils, among others.

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