Should path walkers keep to the right?

Lyn's common sense bikepath use suggestion needs your comments. More than 60 visitors have now blogged us with their views, most supporting her concept.

Lyn from Doncaster writes:
I am attempting a change in approach and create more simple and sensible shared bike/pedestrian pat
h rules.


When I was a youngster and we often walked along roads without footpaths, we were always taught to walk on the right hand side facing the traffic. In fact, Australian Road Rules still recommend this.

Why are shared paths different?

Surely it makes sense for pedestrians to be able to see approaching bicycles.
As an experiment, my partner and I recently went for a walk along a shared path that is fenced on both sides for short distances. This made it impossible to step aside to make room for bikes. By walking on the right hand side, we had clear warning of approaching bikes and could lean as close to the fence as possible to make way.
The cyclists were also aware that we could see them. In itself a good thing. I might add that we are both cyclists, too.
To have everyone travel on the left, so that a bike approaching is behind and out of sight, doesn't make sense. To have walkers to the right, with clear vision of bikes approaching does. Eye contact between cyclists and walkers would be a positive thing.
I would like to advocate a change of rules, which would also require signage to be changed, and an education program started immediately, to get bikes to the left and pedestrians to the right.
It just makes sense and I'm approaching anyone who may have influence.

BikePaths Guide would like to take this suggestion to VicRoads, Bicycle Victoria and Parks Victoria, but first we need your comments?

Do you support or oppose Lyn's suggestion? Tell us why?

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