New Laws: Rogue cyclists face harshest ever fines and even jail



New Victorian cycling laws that came into effect on June 18th sets jail terms for rogue cyclists and fines of more than $68,000!


With the huge surge in people taking up cycling in the last five years, rogue bike riders who believe they don’t have to obey the road rules have given their fellow cyclists a bad name and made it difficult to earn the respect and courtesy of other road users.
Now under the new laws now in place cyclists face the exact same road rules for motorists should they fail to stop after an accident or are guilty of careless or dangerous riding.

New penalties for cyclists

  • Hit or run resulting in serious injury or death: 5 years jail or up to a $68,052 fine or both

  • Dangerous riding: 12 months jail, or up to a $13,160 fine or both

  • Careless riding: $681 for first offence, $1361 for subsequent offences

  • Riding through a RED light: $224 (law now opperative)

  • $284 or seven days’ prison if property is damaged by a cyclist and the rider does not immediately stopp and offer assistance

 The BikePaths Guide editorial team urges fellow cyclists when you see these rules being broken bike riders, speak to theses “two wheeled hoons” to re-educate them.

Point out to these rogues the stupidity of their actions, how it makes it difficult to earn the respect and courtesy of other road users, and the advent of serious fines and jail thta will cost them heaps!


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