Should ‘red light running cyclists’ have their bikes impounded?

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2wheelmike asks:

 Is it time to have their bikes impounded?

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Whether I'm on my bike, Vesap scooter or a car I often get annoyed seeing my fellow cyclists who flagrantly ride through red traffic lights.

Despite the $354 fine when they are caught and a few surprised mates of have had to recently pay up, mostly I hate the bad name these ‘red light runners' bring to cycling.
I'm sick of the excuse that the car drivers are too frequently seen on their phones or texting or runing yellow lights.
Running red lights is crap and cyclists who break the road rules this way continue to fuel the raging lack of respect debate between bike riders and cars!
With the new Victorian hoon laws coming into effect that will see heaps more cars and jet skis impounded for dangerous driving, do you agree that red light running cyclists should have their bikes impounded too?

2wheelmike asks-  Let us know what you think, have your say???


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